Laser Diodes & Optical Amplifiers

0.8 µm
DFB (Distributed Feedback) Laser diode at 852nm and 780nm

  • Cs pumping for atomic clock
  • Atomic clocks
  • Atomic interferometers
  • Emission wavelength: 852 nm
  • Technology: GaAs Al-free active region semiconductor laser diode
FP (Fabry-Perot) Laser diode at 780nm are also available.

datasheet (852 nm)
1.55 µm
DFB - Ku band
1.5 µm DFB laser diodes for Ku-Band analog microwave optical emitters with :
  • wide bandwidth (>18 GHz)
  • low RIN (<-150 dB/Hz) 
  • high linearity (input IP3>26 dBm)
DFB - Wide wavelength range
Application according the wavelength
  • Methane detection (1650nm)
  • HCl detection (1742nm)
  • Water detection (1368nm)...
  • Single spatial mode laser with high power (20 mW CW at 1.65µm) & high reliability
  • Tunable wavelength with current and temperature
  • Single frequency laser with Side Mode Suppression Ratio stable with current and temperature

datasheet (1650nm)

Tunable wavelength with temperature
EAM (Electro-Absorption Modulator) from 10 to 100 Gb/s
The single active layer Electro-absorption modulated Laser is a versatile source for 10 & 40 Gbit/s applications. It benefits from a large spectral and operating temperature range. This is due to the AlGaInAs structure and the automatic thermal compensation with a positive Bragg detuning, respectively.
100 Gb/s EML

1 Vpp/1.8W
86 Gb/s

OFC 2009: 100 Gb/s
SOA (Semiconductor Optical Amplifier)
  • Very large optical bandwidth (up to 150nm)
  • Polarization independent
  • High speed modulation ( up to 10 Gb/s)

SOA structure

Typical performance of 2 mm long QD-SOA
(Al-free Quantum Dash Semiconductor Optical Amplifier, based on Buried Ridge Stripe technology)

Wide Optical Bandwidth

Typical bandwidth measurement of R-SOA

Typical eye-diagrams at 2.5 Gbps of R-SOA Chip on submount

Typical eye-diagrams at 5 Gbps of R-SOA Chip on submount
  • Colorless ONU for WDM/TDM Gigabit PON
  • General purpose wavelength fed networks
  • Integrated Reflective Electro-Absorption Modulator with Semiconductor Optical Amplifier
  • Reflective one-fiber device
  • Amplified 10Gb/s optical output
  • Operating temperature range: 0°C to 70°C

MLL (Mode locked Laser)
Based on Quantum Dots

Semiconductor mode-locked lasers (MLL) are the laser sources which can generate pulses in the optical domain. These lasers have some unique features compared to other types of MLLs:
  • they are very compact (length < 4 mm),
  • the pulse repetition rate can be as high as 500 GHz,
  • they have a high power conversion efficiency,
  • they can generate very short pulses as narrow as few hundreds of femto-seconds.
These unique features make semiconductor MLL suitable for a number of interesting applications, in particular, in the field of optical communications.
  • First, MLLs generating short pulses have been used for high bit-rate optical transmission through optical time-division-multiplexing (OTDM).
    Bit-rate as high as 2.58 Tb/s on a single wavelength channel has been demonstrated.
    On the other hand, low repetition frequency MLLs can be used for optical sampling or optical clock distribution in micro-processors.
  • Another interesting application is the all-optical clock recovery through the locking to the clock tone of the incoming data.
  • Moreover, MLLs can be used to generate millimeter or terahertz waves through the mode-beating on high speed photodiodes or photoconductors
  • Finally, MLLs can be used as comb generators for wavelength-division-multiplexing (WDM) transmission
Narrow linewidth & Short pulse generation (ps)

QD laser diodes are attracting a great interest as they provide large lasing spectrum and fast carrier dynamics. They are perfectly suited for the generation of short pulses and for all-optical clock recovery.

This figure shows the eye diagram of the incoming OTDM signal (top) and the recovered clock (bottom). A high quality clock signal with high extinction ratio (> 13 dB) is observed.
Other devices
SLD SuperLuminescent Diodes
  • OCT (Optical Coherent Tomography), early diagnostic and therapy monitoring in dermatology and ophthalmology
  • Optical fibre sensors (Gyrometer, accelerometer etc)
  • QD (Quantum dots) technology
  • High power 50mW CW
  • Ultra-broad spectral width (80 nm)

The technology of this product has been developed within the FP6 IST project NANO-UB with the financial support from the European Commission.
975nm High Wall Plug Efficiency Laser Diode
  • Solid State Laser Pumping
  • Fiber Laser Pumping
  • Broad-Area (BA) Laser Diode
  • Continuous wave (CW) output power
  • Mounted on a passive heatsink
  • High Wall Plug Efficiency

The technology of this product has been developed within the FP6 WWW.BRIGHTER.EU project ( with financial support from the European Commission

Other wavelengths available: 808, 915 and 1060 nm

High Brightness Tapered Laser Diode (at 975nm)