Product datasheets

100 Gb/s Mux & DMux

This 100 Gb/s Mux & DMux is for 100 GBaud transmission (OOK, DPSK) more


This RSOA is for WDM-PON (external or self-seeding) and external cavity laser more

Large BW and high voltage Track & Hold Amplifier

Large BW and high voltage Track&Hold Amplifier if for RF demodulation systems, digital receiver systems and THA for differential ADC more

852nm DFB laser diode for Atomic Clock or Interferometers

This GaAs Al-free active region Semiconductor laser diode allows the Cs pumping for atomic clock more

DFB laser diodes for spectroscopic gas detection

Distributed Feedback Laser (DFB) at 1650 nm for Methane detection (CH4)