III-V Lab mission

The mission of III-V Lab is to perform research and development on III-V semiconductor components, and integration with Si circuits and micro-systems, from basic research to technology transfer for industrialisation, or to small scale and pilot line production.
III-V Lab takes advantage of the commonalities between the technologies developed for different markets addressed by Thales and Alcatel-Lucent, such as telecom, space, defence and security (for example, High bit rate Optical Fibre and Wireless Telecommunications, Microwave and Photonic systems for Defence, Security and Space).

III-V Lab has also the capacity to produce and sell components (epitaxial wafers, processed wafers, modules) in small quantities (typically a few tens of wafers); this is one of its main business development axis. Such capacity is particularly adapted to address in a flexible way the rapid evolution of the market, allowing partner companies (modules or systems manufacturers, including of course the mother companies Alcatel-Lucent and Thales) to have an early access to the components; in a second step, depending on the market evolution, if larger quantities are required, the technology will be transferred to a partner company with larger production capacities.

Its staff amounts to approximately 130 persons.

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