Foundry services

What we propose

III-V Lab offers all steps of services for devices manufacturing, from device design to fully processed wafers (2” to 4”), based on GaAs and InP substrates and addressing small/medium volume.

III-V Lab has developped:

  • versatile device design and characterization for sources, detectors, and micro-electronic circuits, mainly for telecom and mid-infra-red applications,
  • processing and epitaxy-related know-how to provide high yield and reproducible state-of-the-art opto- and micro-electronic devices.

High level competence team

  • Electrical and optical modeling know-how of DFB, FP, DBR lasers, modulators and photodetectors,
  • MOVPE, MBE and GSMBE including regrowth (butt-joint, SAG, buried layers),
  • ‘Industrial-type’ processing environment including E-beam lithography, ICP etching and dielectric deposition …
  • Advanced characterization set-ups …

Molecular Beam Epitaxy multi-wafer reactor

Optical lithography